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Whare Are Tarot Cards & How Do They Work

What are tarot cards? & How do they Work?

You may be reading this because you have been gifted a tarot card deck or are interested in what the cards mean. Whilst tarot cards were originally used to play games, they are now often used by psychics when giving readings.

Most people think tarot cards predict the future, however, a more accurate definition may be that Tarot cards give a meaningful perspective on the past, provide an understanding of the present, and reveal potential alternatives and possibilities to the future. 

There are many different tarot decks available, each with its own unique symbolism and artwork.

Tarot cards aren’t based on any particular science but that hasn’t stopped them from being part of our everyday world for decades.

You can use tarot cards to give you a better understanding of your present situation. They can be used to give you an insight into the future, giving you an opportunity to alter your path.

You can utilise the tarot to visualise trends in your future. It cannot provide you with concrete answers, but it may inform you of what is most likely to occur if you continue on your current path. 

The cards’ greater purpose is to serve as a mirror for you to examine your own course of action, route, and direction.

For example, suppose you go to a Tarot reader and ask whether you need to quit your current employment role.

if the outcome of the decision to leave is positive according to the cards. Then it provides you with the chance to consider the advantages that could result from a new job. You have the chance to consider the advantages new employment can offer. Taking a fresh look at the situation can help you see chances you would have otherwise overlooked.

The final decision is yours, however, some tarot readers actually possess clairvoyant talents and may predict that you’ll have three kids in the future. Nothing prevents you from using contraception after having a second kid or from not using any after having a third. You alone have the key to the future.

Each tarot deck has an author and an illustrator, whether they are the same person or two different people. The author of the tarot deck has accumulated past experiences and noticed trends in their lives, these will be represented in the card imagery. 

Many people do not release that the imagery in the cards has a story behind it that is normally influenced by the author’s life.

It can sometimes be worth doing a bit of research into the author and trying to gain a greater understanding of the intent behind the tarot card imagery and why the images shown on the tarot cards are depicted in the way they are. 

Some of the most common reasons for wanting a tarot reading is…

  • Guidance
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Guided Meditation
  • Spellwork
  • Divination
  • Connection with deceased ancestors

It’s crucial to remember not to take your tarot cards’ interpretations literally. It is best to contact your reader for clarification if you have any queries regarding a particular reading. Omens and cautions should be taken seriously and used as a guide.

Finally, keep in mind that you will always be responsible for achieving the results you desire in life.

Tarot cards can be useful tools for assisting individuals in seeing what is occasionally not realised. To profit from this experience and increase your awareness of your circumstances and genuine self, it takes openness and a lot of reflection.

Why do people get tarot readings?

Tarot readings can be used for a variety of purposes, including guidance, advice, and self-reflection

Which is the best tarot deck?

The Rider Tarot Deck by author Dr A.E Waite and illustrator Pamela Colman Smith is the most commonly used tarot card deck. Other popular tarot decks include the Thoth deck and the Marseilles deck.

How many cards are in a tarot deck?

There should be 78 cards within a tarot card deck. 22 cards are they major arcana and and 56 cards are the minor or lesser arcana.

What is the Major Arcana?

The Major Arcana is made up of 21 cards with Card zero representing the Fool. Each Major arcana card has its own meaning.

The major arcana cards are the strongest cards within the deck. They show the bigger picture of your life and carry deep meaning. This is just insight and doesn’t mean you will experience these events. 

What are the major arcana cards? 

The 21 major Arcana cards are made up of the Magician, The Fool, The World, Judgement, The Sun, The Moon, The Star, The Devil, The Tower, Temperance, The Hanged Man, Death, Justice, Wheel of Fortune, The Hermit, Strength, The Chariot, The lovers, The Hierophant, The Empress, The High Priestess and the Emperor.

What is the minor arcana?

The Minor Arcana is usually in reference to your everyday actions and small life events. They are typically associated with being temporary cards meaning the enquirer has the chance to change their path if they want to.  This can be seen as a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the enquirer’s perspective. Some people may see it as an opportunity to explore different options and make a more informed decision, while others may see it as a sign that they are not sure of what they want and may feel lost or confused. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide what these cards mean for them and whether or not they will take advantage of the opportunity to change their path.

What are the minor arcana cards? 

The minor arcana cards are divided in 4 suits and within each suit there are 14 cards Each card represents various situations that we encounter day-to-day. There are Four court cards and ten numbered cards. The King, Queen, Knight, and Page/Jack in each of the four tarot suits serve as the court cards. The four suits of the classic Italian tarot are the Cups, the Pentacles, the Swords and the Wands.

  • The Cups, represent the emotional self and water.
  • The Pentacles are connected to the physical self and the ground.
  • The cards of Air known as the Swords are all focused on the mind.
  • The Wands, (the fire suit), which are centred around how you use energy.

What’s the difference between the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana cards?

The Major Arcana cards represent the major aspects of life, such as love, death, and spirituality. The Minor Arcana cards represent the more mundane aspects of life, such as work and daily routines.

What are the different tarot spreads?

There is different variations and ways to spread tarot cards. The most common spreads are:

  • One card tarot spread
  • Three card tarot spread
  • Past present and future tarot spreads
  • Situation/ Advice tarot spreads
  • Five card tarot spreads
  • Yes or no tarot spreads
  • Celtic cross tarot spreads
  • Tarot Spreads for love
  • Tarot spreads for mental healing
  • Horseshoe tarot spreads

What questions to ask a psychic about tarot cards?

There are two different types of readings associated with tarot cards. Question readings where someone wants a specific question answered and general readings where the user wants general guidance or insight.

What does a reversed tarot card mean?

A reverse card means that the meaning of the card is weakened or deleted or even the complete opposite meaning.

Can you buy your own tarot deck?

Yes, you can buy your own tarot deck that you can form your own connection with. You should have a look at some of the card images to see if you can deduce something from them even though you are not yet aware of what they are “meant to mean.” Perhaps that one, if there is one, is the one you can most easily identify to? Don’t forget to follow your intuition as well! Remember anyone can learn how to use tarot cards.

Where did tarot cards come to form?

Tarot cards originated in Europe in the 14th century and were mainly used for playing games. However, the 18th-century tarot cards gradually switched from playing cards to being used for divine guidance.

 In 1871 Antoine Court de Gebelin wrote a paper that was published named “ The Primietive World, Analysed and Compared by the Modern Worlds”.  In this paper He explained that he believed tarot cards were linked to Egyptian gods and even that the catholic church was aware of the powers of tarrot cards. 

In 1971 A French occultist named  Jean-Baptise Alliette who is also known as Etteilla,  invented the first carrot deck design specifically for divination. Etteilla was known as the first tarot card reader.

Can you do tarot cards yourself?

Yes, you can do tarot card readings on yourself. Tarot is a tool that can help us honour our intuition, get more insight into our current circumstances, and predict possible outcomes.

Are tarot readings real?

This is ultimately up for you to decide, but try not to take the readings too literally and instead see them as a hint.

Can anyone do tarot readings?

Yes, anyone can do tarot readings. However, it is important to note that not everyone will be accurate. In order to be an accurate tarot reader, one must have a strong connection to the spiritual realm and be able to interpret the meanings of the tarot cards. A tarot reader must also be able to use their intuition to help guide them in their readings.

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